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Evolving Light Counseling

A Center For Healing & Wellness

Our Services

Trauma & Stress Therapy

A therapy that emphasizes the understanding of a traumatic experience 

Substance Abuse Therapy

Our therapists work with patients to identify addiction triggers.

Child & Family Therapy

We help you identify the ways you can better connect as a family

Mental Health Counseling

Heal from mental health disorders, relationship issues, and life challenges

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Our Process

Initial Evaluation Therapy

This is a simple initial step in the therapeutic process. You and the counselor will have the opportunity to get to know each other, discuss concerns and make a plan according to your specific needs.

Assisting Professionals

Are you a professional in the educational, mental health, or other fields who have dedicated your career to helping others, and you have been exposed to vicarious trauma and/or struggling with compassion fatigue? 

At Evolving Light Counseling, we can assist you with emotional support and therapeutic interventions to develop coping skills to balance your work and life stressors. Let us help you to become a better and happier version of yourself!

Smart Connections

Under the pressure of unexpected life challenges such as divorce, job loss, addiction, trauma, or mental illness, the family system can be thrown into turmoil and conflict.

Our team of experts can assist you in facing, exploring, and overcoming the disruptions as well as improving emotional connections.

We can provide you with several invaluable tools, and an understanding of how to cope and resolve future problems on your own.

Balance in Action

Sometimes, in the midst of turmoil and conflict, individuals develop behavioral problems recognized as “acting out” to point out that their system is malfunctioning. As a result, the entire family or system becomes distressed because the problems are so disruptive.

At Evolving Light Counseling, we offer affordable therapeutic interventions in a group setting that will help you to gain insight and perspective from others. Call us for more information on how to restore balance in your life!

Healing & Wellness

Have you experienced one day where a daily task was easy and then the next day it was hard to accomplish? Have you ever felt as if there was a volcano inside you ready to explode at any second, and you could not identify the sources

of this feeling? Have you ever felt that no one understood you? Or even worse, that you did not understand yourself?

Those emotions determine your emotional abilities for self-regulation and your experiences with mental health issues. Communicating in the language of emotions is a problematic universal task.

Our team is highly trained to help you in mastering the ability to communicate congruently with yourself and others for a path of emotional balance, wellness, and healing. Contact us to discuss how we can help you to evolve into a more

happy and fulfil life experience.

Ari Mendez

Hi and saludos! I am Ari Mendez. I am originally from Guatemala and came to this country in 1981 when I was only 18. When I started going to college, I signed for a business career and soon found out that it was not my path. Little by little, as I got a bachelors and then a masters in social work, and as I grew up personally and professionally, I realized that I have the ability and enthusiasm for helping people.


Masters of Social Work, Clinical Track with Emphasis in Criminal Justice – UofU

Bachelor of Science, Social Work, Minor: Psychology – BYU


Bilingual and bicultural; read, speak, and write Spanish    Trained on Lifespan Integration  Trained on Prolong Exposure  Trained on EMDR NASW member

Klint Hughes

Klint is passionate about helping others in need. He is actively involved in his community and serves on several community and civic groups. Klint enjoys helping community members with finding resources to help them manage their mental health and substance abuse.
When not in the office Klint likes to be found outside camping, hiking and helping his 5 kids raise cows and goats for FFA and 4-H projects. 

Bachelor’s in Social Work and Sociology from Idaho State University.

Master of Social Work from Walla Walla University.

Laurie McBride

Hello! My name is Laurie McBride. I have years of experience and training in a variety of fields. I have lived in many areas in the Western United States, and I have worked in many exciting fields, providing me with a unique perspective

of life and healing. I believe that all of us have the power to heal through finding balance and emotional wellness. We each have the gift of healing; at times, all we need is a little guidance to get there. Using a variety of verified therapies, all approaches are based on the belief that finding balance is the way to healthy and lasting well-being.


Master of Social Work – UofU

Associate of Arts Dixie State College and SUU Bachelor of Science


Particular specialties include but are not limited to Resiliency, Aging, Addiction and Recovery issues, PTSD recovery, and non-medical Pain Management.

Client Testimonials

My name is Kathy and Ari Mendez has been my therapist for the last five years. Ari has changed my life. With Ari’s help, tools and life skills that he has given me I have been able to manage my depression and chronic pain. I can now

live a fulfilling, happy,healthy life with friends and family. I’m so grateful to Ari Mendez for helping me have a whole new outlook on my life.


When I was a client at Crossover, Laurie was my therapist. I have never met such an intelligent, powerful person. She had such deep insights with everything that I was dealing with. I grew so much as a person working with her. I looked

forward to every time we would meet, enjoying every minute we talked. She gave me the tools to overcome deep emotional trauma. Things that I have been holding onto my whole life – she set me free. 


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